Thought-Provoking Fantasy Linking the Present and Future

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White / Circle Trilogy by Ted Dekker

4 star

4 stars

Author Ted Dekker offers an interesting premise in his Circle Trilogy (Black/Red/White) — that a man can alternate between the present and the future through his dreams and influence one reality by his actions in the other. The series is also a fascinating Biblical allegory. The final book, White, is the best of the three, because it explains clearly in the finale most of the unanswered questions Dekker raises in this thought-provoking series. For fans of fantasy, speculative fiction, and Christian literature, it’s a real treat. It’s smart writing with undertones that make you think.

The story is a bit melodramatic at times and lags in places, and it’s difficult to keep the multitude of characters straight because some lack depth or disappear and reappear at different points in the trilogy. You also have to suspend belief when Dekker writes about how politics in Washington and foreign governments work. It’s not the way geopolitics works.

All in all, it’s a trilogy worth reading. I recommend buying the 3-in-1 book and read all three together (or the 4-in-1 book that includes the 4th book, Green). I gave the first two books, Black and Red, four stars primarily because at times they leave the reader confused about names, places, events, and how they relate to the Biblical allegory. In the end, though, Dekker redeems himself with a solid ending a notch above 4 stars.

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