Liquorice Twists is a Delicious Read

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Liquorice Twists by Dorte Hummelshoj Jakobsen

4 star

4 Stars

Ms. Jakobsen wrote an intriguing collection of flash fiction crime stories. Each story has a surprising ending with a creative twist (hence, the title). Toward the end of the book, I began to wonder what unexpected conclusion to expect in the each subsequent story. The stories are well written with some interesting literary flourishes and contemporary themes. One story, “The Caller,” is particularly good.

My one wish is that the stories were longer. They left me wanting more, but most were over as quickly as they began. I would have liked to see more detail and character development; that said, Ms. Jakobsen did a good job developing the characters and story as far as she could in a limited amount of space.

It’s definitely worth the read. At $0.99, the price can’t be beat.

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